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In These Times is a leader in independent media. For over 35 years, our publication has produced award-winning journalism that advances democracy and social justice. Each month our content reaches over 350,000 well educated, passionate and politically active readers in print, online, via email and on mobile devices. 

No matter how they access In These Times, our readers are deeply invested in politics, labor, the environment and human rights. We offer them an open and engaging forum that inspires them to act on their beliefs. 

As Kurt Vonnegut, our former Senior Editor, put it, "Without In These Times, I'd be a man without a country."


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 20% Other
 24% Bachelors
 48% Graduate
 8% Post-Graduate


 3% < 24
 15% 25-44
 44% 45-64
 38% 65 +


 25% Under $29,999
 26% $30k-$49,999
 19% $50k-$69,999
 16% $70k-$99,999
 14% 100k+


 20% < 1 yr
 18% 1-2 yrs
 15% 2-3 yrs
 8% 4-6 yrs
 36% 7+ yrs

Book-Buying Habits During the Last 12 Months

Purchased 6 to 10 books
Purchased 11 to 20 books
Purchased 20+ books

Fifty-eight percent of In These Times’ readers have purchased a book reviewed in our culture section.

Active Readers

Contributed to a nonprofit
Voted in an election
Contributed to a political campaign
Attended a protest

Our readers stand up for what they believe in by committing their time and monetary support. The majority of our readers participate in one or more civic activities.
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Our website is one of the most popular progressive news magazines on the web, averaging 375,000 visits per month. Our unwavering commitment to independent journalism since 1976 has earned In These Times a devoted following of readers. Advertisers have the opportunity to reach a motivated, intelligent audience.

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